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Case Studies - Life Insurance

More benefits - Less money

* Frank, a 56-year-old man, owned two life insurance policies. One of Frank's policies had a loan on it. We began the process of pulling together the cash value, death benefit and loan cost/interest information on the policies. We then ran a proposal using the cash values and solving for the death benefit to keep Frank's annual cash outlay for premium about the same. We were very glad to show Frank a death benefit almost FOUR TIMES greater than his previous coverage. We eliminated the loan and interest! The new policy is GUARANTEED to stay in force at the premium level we quoted him to age 120. How can we do this? Here is why:

• People live longer today than ever before. Therefore, the cost of insurance is lower.
• This gentleman was in good health. A good, current health statement is worth a lot of money to an insurance company.
• Companies are far more competitive than they have been in the past.

Naturally, one would ask what the client gave up for such improved benefits. He gave up very little!

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His cash value will not increase as quickly as it had with the other policies because he bought more death benefit. However, the cost for the client was guaranteed never to increase, and the death benefit was guaranteed never to decrease. The coverage was guaranteed to age 120. His loan was completely paid off. Frank was much better off after working with Gary on his policies.

This type of story is not uncommon for Gary Schenck Insurance. Many customers have their own stories of how Gary and his staff improved their insurance situation. Contact Gary today! Let him help you get the best out of life!

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the client.

Case Studies - Life Insurance: Cost slashes up to 80%

* Henry and Betty Smith were 72 and 66 respectively. They had each purchased a policy with a very reputable company about 20 years ago. Both policies were free of loans. Both policies required a premium to keep the death benefit level and available.

We asked Henry and Betty about their health, then ran proposals for both of them using their cash value and we solved for a death benefit. We found we could lower Henry's monthly premium from $100 to $19.30. The same death benefit as before is now GUARANTEED to age 120 at this lower cost!

For Betty, her payment was totally stopped and her coverage was increased by 32%! She has no further payments due and her coverage is GUARANTEED to age 120!

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You too can be a happy customer! Your results may or may not be as dynamic as Henry and Betty's, but you can depend on getting the best offer Gary can find for you. Contact Gary today. Let him help you get the most out of life!

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the clients.