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Life Insurance

"Have you looked at your Life Insurance lately? ... No matter what sort of life insurance policy or policies you have, you have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain by allowing your policies to be evaluated." These classic examples show what  Schenck Insurance LLC may be able to do to improve on your existing life insurance policies!

We are in the process of adding more information you want to know. Currently we have posted some sample rates. We appreciate your patience while we gather more content.

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Life Insurance Sample Rates

Here are some sample rates for your consideration.

All rates are for $250,000 of coverage for 10 years using the BEST PREFERRED NON TOBACCO RATES. Add a "Child Term Rider" for $5.50/month: covers all qualifying children for $10,000 each.

  Age Cost/Month
Male 30 $10.00
Female 30 $9.00
Male 40 $13.00
Female 40 $11.00
Male 50 $21.00
Female 50 $25.00

Final Expense / Burial Coverage, monthly prices for non tobacco rates:
Level cost, i.e., price will never go up; no insurance exams; $10,000 coverage.

  Age Cost/Month
Male 50 $24.08
Female 50 $20.64
Male 60 $37.82
Female 60 $29.42
Male 70 $64.65
Female 70 $49.77
Male 75 $85.70
Female 75 $67.52
Male 80 $121.23
Female 80 $94.84
Male 85 $161.65
Female 85 $126.45

NOTE: Prices subject to underwriting approval. Once approved the price will remain the same for the initital term of the contract.

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