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Personal Financial Strategies

Income Protection

How Much Will You Earn in a Lifetime?
Capital Needed to Replace Earning Power
Personal Financial Security Needs
Odds of Dying (Male)
Odds of Dying (Female)
How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?
If Disability Strikes
Sources of Funds During a Critical Illness

Graduation Cap

Education Strategies

Approximate Undergraduate Costs
Impact of Inflation on College Costs
Education Funding Option
Education Tax Incentives (Overview)
Education Savings Account Basics
Qualified State Tuition Program Basics

Wealth Strategies

How Much Will You Earn In A Lifetime?
Managing Your Finances
Tax-Favored Retirement Savings
Deferred Annuity in Action
Life Expectancy After Retirement
Income Annuity Solution
Regular IRA vs. Roth IRA A 2008 Comparison
A TDA Solution


Wealth Replacement Trust in Action
Charitable Remainder Trust in Action
Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable Gift Annuity or Pooled Income Fund
Split-Interest Charitable Gifts
Retirement Plan Assets


The High Cost of Dying
Estate Shrinkage in Action
Estate Shrinkage in Profiles
Estate Tax Flow Chart
The Estate Analysis Process
Paying the Estate Tax Bill


Financial Independence at Retirement
Importance of Planning for Retirement
Capital Required at Retirement
The Price of Delaying Retirement Savings
Odds to Living to Retirement at Age 65 (Male)
Odds to Living to Retirement at Age 65 (Female)
Important Facts About Social Security Retirement benefits
Hypothetical Pension Benefit Results
Long-Term Care...Did You Know?
Need for Long-Term Care Insurance